Our Vision

To provide the best quality claims and risk management services in the industry.


  • Identifying loss exposures

    In this section, we have capabilities on Manufacturing, Pulp & Paper, Mining, Energy and Power Plant, Petrochemical, and Telecommunication.

  • Analyzing loss exposures

    Again, provided a reasonable time to process, this section estimates the likely significance of possible losses. Together, identifying and analyzing loss exposures are probably the most important steps in the risk management process because only a properly identified and analyzed loss exposure can be appropriately managed.

  • Examining the feasibility of risk management techniques

    Risk Control, which focuses on the Avoidance, Loss prevention, Loss reduction, Separation, duplication, and diversification

    Risk Financing. We put greater emphasize on insurance protection as our foundation in writing our report, however we also realize that transferring the risk could also mean indemnity agreement and hedging.

  • Selecting the appropriate risk management techniques

    Which include Forecasting, Financial considerations, and Non financial consideration

  • Implementing the selected risk management techniques

    Which include technical decisions and managerial decisions

  • Monitoring results and revising the risk management program

    Which include discussion on new loss exposures, increasing of the significancy of existing loss exposures, and the Difference risk management techniques have become more appropriate.

  • Improve Allocation of Your Productive Resources

    Our service improve your allocation of productive resources because our service make your organization more willing to undertake your core competence activities. That greater willingness makes your officers more free to pursue activities that maximize profits which could increase the return of investment.


Risk management helps people and organization to realize the opportunities and avert the threats associated with risk. In the insurance fields, risk management focuses on risk control, which primarily involves loss prevention and loss reduction. Although risk intuitively seems to be only negative, risk management is increasingly being recognized as a method for addressing both the positive and negative aspects of risk or uncertainties. The benefits of risk management are usually realized by implementing a risk management program that supports the organization’s overall goals.

We at Wits Asia specialize in risk management through risk survey and assessment. We realize that our services must focus in assisting Insurance and Re-Insurance companies, as well as Broker and Re-Insurance broker in analyzing and mitigating the risk, implemented through our comprehensive ‘Risk Inspection Report’. We also understand that the report should also be delivered in accordance with the fast response of our client need.



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