In addition to risk assessment, we also offer claim services by providing claim programs which include investigative review, claim adjustment, and consulting services. We understand that the time spent for claim processes is crucial, therefore we always aim to assist our clients in the most timely and efficient manner.

Investigative Review

We perform comprehensive investigative review on our clients’ loss history and currently existing risk management programs, including but not limited to risk assessment, insurance programs, claim management procedures, internal processes, and external adjustments. Based on the review, we intend to provide appropriate recommendations and assistance in terms of internal efficiency improvement and cost of claims minimization.

Claim Adjustment Review

Referring to the comprehensive investigative review, we calculate and determine the most appropriate insurance coverage in accordance with our clients’ circumstances. We then negotiate with the insurance providers on those terms, to ensure that our clients gain the most optimal amount of financial compensation.

Consulting Services

In addition, we also offer our technical and advisory assistance for our clients, with the ultimate purpose of maximizing the return on our clients’ insurance investment. We communicate with our clients intensively and accordingly based on each client’s circumstance. We also understand that provision of advice for long-term and sustainable improvements is necessary.